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BitZeny Contest -2018-

Submission - The movie section -

Submission condition

Please check the following specifications and apply.
Only those who can accept the above conditions will be required to apply.

Submission data


■Frame rate


■Approximate bit rate

■Movie length
15-180sec.(Maximum length of BGM)

■Available BGM
BitZeny Contest BGM section's best work and works specified as usable
List of BGM that can be used in the movie section

■File format

■Submitting method
Upload the data created under the above conditions to Youtube
and fill in the share URL.


■Final data after selection
Please submit the data of the above specifications.

Contest submission agreement (The movie section)

In order to submit for contest entry, agreement to the submission agreement is required.
If you do not agree, you can not enter the contest.

Contest submission agreement (The movie section)

Article 1: Definition of terms

1. Definitions of terms used in this agreement are as follows:

"This Page" ... "BitZeny Contest 2018" (
"This contest" ... Contest of the movie department to be held on this page
"This project" ...sponsoring organization of this contest
"Submitters" ... Those who submit your work in this contest
"Submissions" ... Works submitted to this contest
"Winning works" ... Works aimed at conferring prizes in this contest
"Best work" ...the work which recognized as the best by the method of specified by this project
"Winners" ...those who submitted what winning works
"Best winners" ... those who submitted the work which selected as the best
"Antisocial forces" ... Gangster, who have not passed the five years from the time that no longer a gangster, gang quasi-members, gang related companies, racketeers, etc., social movements, such as advocating grounder or members such as special intelligence violence group, and other similar these persons , Those who conduct illegal acts such as acts of violence, acts of intimidation or threats of business, acts of illegal acts etc, or their positions, actions to be judged by this project as possibility of conducting acts
"Intellectual Property Rights" ... all rights defined by Article 2 of the Intellectual Property Basic Law

Article 2: About this agreement (hereinafter referred to as "this agreement")

In order to apply your work to this contest, it is necessary to concent to this agreement.When you submit,this project will deem that you have agreed to all of these terms."

Article 3: About submitters, conditions of submitted works, etc.

1. Submitters' conditions are as follows. Age and nationality are not required.
· Being natural person
· Being not antisocial forces
· In case of a minor, you must have consent from a custodian
2. Conditions of the entries are as follows.
· Submitted works must be newly made by their own creative activities and also must be unpublished.
· Things that are not contrary to laws and public order and morality
· Do not infringe third party's intellectual property rights, moral rights or other rights
· Meeting the conditions and regarding the format of data which described on this page.
3.BGM that can be used for submitting works is limited to the best work in the BGM section.However,this is not the case if there is BGM that this project specifies usable on this page.
4. For materials created by third parties, with respect to all intellectual property rights relating to the material (including the rights specified in Articles 27 and 28 of the Copyright Law for copyright, the same applies below) Only those that are unconditionally granted indefinitely permission can be used for entries. Please note that you can not use "Free Material" whose usage conditions and usage period are defined.
5. Submitters shall bear the communication fee and any other expenses which necessary for the submitter to enter the contest.
6. The number of works that can be submitted is limited to 1 works per person.
7. How to submit is as described on this page.
8.In the case that a claim or suit of infringement of intellectual property rights from the third party is brought against his / her submission, the best winner (including the submitter of the work selected by the second prize of the best work under the next article, paragraph 3) needs to take responses with his / her responsibility and costs borne.

Article 4: Regarding use permission etc. of intellectual property rights on Best Works

1. The Best winners shall grant permission for the project representative to use the intellectual property rights pertaining to the Best Work at the time the Project has released the Best Work and that this project representative We hereby agree that you will re-grant to third parties.
2. The license under the preceding paragraph shall be irrevocable and indefinite period.
3. The best winner shall not exercise all of the moral rights of the author pertaining to the best work to the representative of this project and those who have received permission from the same person. Please note that the best works will be changed / revised as necessary.
4. Intellectual property rights on entries other than the best works are attributed to submitters of the entry.However, in the event that there is a defect in the intellectual property right etc. in the best work and it is forced to change the submitter for the work selected for the second point of the best work, the intellectual property right And any accompanying rights shall not be licensed, transferred or collateraled to a third party for six months from the publication of the winner of the Best Work.In the event of a situation in which a change is forced to be made, since the work selected by the runner-up will be carried forward and become the best work, the submitter of the work shall be entitled to the use of copyright in accordance with paragraphs 1 to 3 of this Article Etc. shall be carried out.The prize in that case will be discussed separately with this project.
5. The winner of the best work must submit the data in the format described on this page as original data separately from the data format submitted to the contest as the entry work.
6. The Best winners shall not grant, transfer or provide collateral to the third party for the best work. The duty of this section is indefinite (= permanent).
7. Submitters will not be able to cancel the application after entry, and the winners will not be able to decline the winning after winning.

Article 5: Examination method, award of prize, and personal information when awarding the winner's prize

1. The examination method and the amount of the prize are as described on this page. If the ranking is the same, we will decide the ranking and prize of the winning work related to the same ranking according to the method and discussed in this project.
2.At the timing specified by this project, the winners will be notified of the Bitzeny address for receipt of the prize, this project will remit the prize money to that address and will be awarded the prize with this remittance.
3. In addition to the preceding paragraph, the winner of the best work, after the winning decision, for clarification of rights relationship and security of the effectiveness of the contract, to the project (or person designated by this project) Electronic data (scanned data) shall be submitted. If the winning prize winner is a minor, electronic data of the consent form of the parental author shall also be submitted together.
4. This project (or a specific person within this project) will use the received personal information only for the management of the contest and will not disclose or leak to third parties.

Article 6: Invalidation of prize

1. In the following cases, winning may be invalid.
· When the winner of the best work does not submit an identity card (in the case of a minor,he needs an identification card and a consent form by a custody holder) within a prescribed period
· When the winner of the best work does not proceed with the waiver of copyright within the period specified by this project
· When it is found that the prize-winning work infringes or intimately infringes the intellectual property rights, moral rights and other rights of a third party.
· When this project can not contact the winner for a certain period without fault on this project side.
· In addition, if the submitter has violated this agreement
2. If the prize will be invalid after the submitter receives the prize, the submitter must promptly refund the prize to this project.
3.Regarding the ranking of other works (works with lower rank than the work) in the event that winning is invalid, we will discuss and decide at this project, including whether or not to advance this.

Article 7: About prohibited items

For submitters, the following acts are prohibited.
Acts that violate the terms and conditions of YouTube (
Acts of damaging this contest, this project or a third party by uploading / sending harmful computer programs etc.
Actions that harm the honor of this contest and this project
Acts of leaking information that is not public information , when you knew applying or winning works.
Actions that conflict with these Terms (including cases where there are conflicts at the time of submit or posting)
In addition to each of the above matters, acts deemed to be inappropriate for this project

Article 8: About eliminating antisocial forces

1. Submitters shall guarantee that they will not fall under antisocial forces now and in the future. In the event of a breach of this, the project can cancel the works of the target without any notice or demand, or can cancel it after the winning. Even if the violator is damaged by these measures, this project will not be liable for any damages.

Article 9: Regarding contract status etc.

1. Submitters must not assign or post collateral the positions and obligations related to the entry to this contest to third parties without obtaining written consent from this project.
2. Submitters must not use the intellectual property rights related to the submitted works and any accompanying rights to third parties for use, licensing, assignment or collateral from the entry until the publication of the winning works in this contest It will not.

Article 10: About discontinuation of operation, suspension

1. This project may stop or suspend this contest without notice to the submitter in the following cases.
When the management of this contest becomes difficult due to force majeure such as natural disasters, war, law reform, power outage, orders and dispositions by public power
In the case that it is judged necessary in this project to protect the rights of third parties
In addition, when judging that this project requires stop or suspension of this contest due to unavoidable reasons

Article 11: On the relationship between notation on this website and this agreement

In the event that the notation concerning the submittion and winning on this page conflicts with the contents of this agreement, this agreement shall prevail.

Article 12: About the survival clause

Even in the case of termination of this Contest regardless of the reasons, the provisions of Articles 2 to 9, 11, 13, 14, 15, Shall survive effectively.

Article 13: About change of the agreement

This agreement may be changed without prior notification or approval to submitters due to unavoidable circumstances. We will inform you about the contents of change on this page.

Article 14: About Applicable Law

Any matters relating to these terms shall be governed by the laws of Japan.

Article 15: About jurisdiction by agreement

With respect to any dispute relating to these Terms, the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court shall be the first examiner's exclusive jurisdiction court in accordance with the appeal.

Creator of this agreement: Administrative scrivener corporation Asumia, Lawyer Maneki-inu

In the event of any conflict between the English and Japanese versions, the Japanese version shall prevail.