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The logo section 1st voting round

BitZeny contest event details

We'll hold a BitZeny contest from January 22, 2018. This event wants works in 3 classes of the logo section, the BGM section and the movie section. The winner of the top prize and participants will be given BitZeny.


1st1st 5,000ZNY
2nd2nd 4,000ZNY
3rd3rd 3,000ZNY
4th 2,500ZNY
5th 2,000ZNY
6th 1,500ZNY
7th 1,000ZNY
8th 500ZNY
Participation Award 3.9ZNY
(First 100 arrivals for the logo section)

There are the above prizes for each section. You can post up to 2 works for each section.
Also, you will be given for only participation award for the first work.

Regarding the top prize in the logo category, we will officially adopt it as BitZeny's logo.
Apart from the above, 40,000 ZNY(about $8,388.5*) + α will be awarded from the BitZeny contest sponsors through BitZeny contest management.
*As of January 3, 2018

The logo section

2018/01/22 - 02/05

The BGM section

2018/03/05 - 03/12

The movie section

2018/04/02 - 04/23

Precautions for entry

1.Regarding the rights aspect related to the submitted works, we are currently working out the rule. We are considering the best form for both applicants and the prosperity of BitZeny in the future. At the start of contest work recruitment it will be posted in neat form. We're sorry to have kept you waiting, but thank you for your understanding.

2."Unpublished work" will be one of the application conditions. Before entry, please note that you shouldn't publish your work to be submitted on the web.

The logo section

The logo section

We request a logo illustration to be used as official logo in future.
Please visit the official website and apply for a logo full of creativity appropriate for the concept of BitZeny.

Submission period (planned): 2018/01/22 - 2018/02/05
1st voting round / review period (planned): 2018/02/19 - 2018/02/26
Result announcement (planned): 2018/03/04
2nd voting round / review period (planned): 2018/03/05 - 2018/03/12
Result announcement (planned): 2018/03/17

Submission requirements 1st voting round

The BGM section

The BGM section

In the BGM section, we recruit musics based on 'Wa-Japanese style-' as a motif. The length of the music should be between 40 seconds and 180 seconds.
We are waiting for musics that make BitZeny's world view revolve around the world.

Submission period (planned): 2018/03/05 - 2018/03/12
Voting / review period (planned): 2018/03/18 - 2018/03/25
Result announcement (planned): 2018/04/01

2018/03/05 - Start accepting

The movie section

The movie section

In the movie section,we request movie which used the top prize of the logo and BGM.
We will explain separately as detailed submission requirements are available.

Submission period (planned): 2018/04/02 - 2018/04/23
Voting / review period (planned): 2018/04/24 - 2018/05/04
Result announcement (planned): 2018/05/13 - 2018/05/20

2018/04/02 - Start accepting

BitZeny logo
What's BitZeny?

CPU mining

Mining by CPU

The greatest feature of BitZeny is that CPU mining can be done with a normal PC. Since many cryptocurrencis are mined using GPUs and ASICs, it is an oligopoly state by some minor who can invest in dedicated equipment. BitZeny is difficult to mining with GPU and ASIC, and adopts algorithm suitable for CPU mining.


The cryptocurrency was born in Japan

BitZeny's history goes back to November 2014. Aiming at a cryptographic currency that everyone can mining easily, it was born by Japanese developers as a clone of Bitcoin. The currency unit is ZNY, the total number of issue is limited to 250 million ZNY.


Energetic community

BitZeny community is bustling with many miners because this crypto currency adopts the "CPU mining" which an individual can take the profit. Also some restaurant accept BitZeny payment, and various functions about BitZeny are being developed. (ex.twitter tip bot "Zeny Princess") So "The BitZeny world" - which is enjoy miner and holders spreading in the world